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Integrity. Honesty. Credibility. For Three Generations and Counting.

Client Centered

SFE Investment Counsel Inc. has delivered high quality investment management advice to three generations of clients. Since its founding by Chairman Emeritus Earl Fisher in 1977, SFE has built strong, trustworthy relationships with its clients.

SFE is an independent firm that is 100% owned by its employees. Our seven investment professionals bring a rich array of backgrounds and interests to investing — from business and accounting, to music and philosophy, to law and mathematics. The personal attention each client receives is a distinguishing feature of SFE.



1977: Four Los Angeles investment managers form Stern Fisher Atkinson & LaFace, the predecessor to SFE Investment Counsel Inc.

1984: SFE becomes a Registered Advisory Firm (RIA), regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

2001: SFE launches All-Cap Core Growth & Income strategy and became Global Investment Performance Standard (GIPS) compliant. 

2008: SFE launches Pathways™ (SRI) All-Cap strategy, a portfolio of companies that adhere to the principles of socially responsible investing (SRI) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), according to criteria established by SFE. 

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