SFE Investment Counsel Inc. serves two types of clients—individuals and organizations. That’s why we offer two services, wealth management and asset management.

Our individual clients come from all walks of life, from university professors and architects to nurses and entrepreneurs. Before they turn their assets over to us to manage, we consult on financial planning, on wealth transfer, estate planning, income taxes, retirement planning, education funding and charitable gifting.

SFE also serves businesses, family offices, non-profits and other financial advisory firms. Like individual investors, our organization clients want their assets actively managed. That means they rely on us to select securities to help them achieve their goals.

In both arrangements SFE regularly monitors portfolios and adjusts their composition to reflect clients’ changing needs, market fluctuations and risk tolerance. We charge a single investment management fee; there are no “add-on” fees for our services.

Individual Investor Services
Financial Advisory Services