Our Enduring Philosophy

We are an Investment Firm with a Conscience

SFE has been providing investment advice to our clients for forty years. Our success has been built on a tradition of personal attention to our client’s needs and expectations. Early on, our founder, Earl Fisher, instituted the SFE Credo which forms the foundation for how we have conducted ourselves over the decades.


We base our investment advice on our relationship with you, and your specific needs.

We develop trust through an honest and sincere respect for you and your goals.

We provide you with exceptional service and superior results.

We are friendly, innovative and good listeners.

We are owners and invest with you.

We are personal and family wealth managers.

We believe the client’s good is our good.

We work as a team and not as individuals.

We give back to society for our success.

We do more than manage your money – we help you reach your goals.


We will maintain our focus to help you to benefit from all the important elements of long term investment success including: rigorous analysis, investment discipline, appropriate risk management and time. Your capital will be invested with the singular purpose of pursuing your long-term investment goals within a risk framework that is suitable and appropriate for you.


From a financial perspective, we typically look for companies with strong balance sheets and whose operations generate significantly positive free cash flow. We believe that dividend growth is an important attribute of long term total return.


We also have certain altruistic attributes that we wish our portfolio companies to aspire to. We certainly want them to comprehensively view all their stakeholder resources when developing corporate strategies. Along these lines, we have always recognized our proclivity towards what is now referred to as Impact Investing. While this is generally in our DNA across our core investment philosophy, we have developed a specific and separate Impact or socially responsible strategy we call Pathways™.